Tips for Getting a Repair Estimate After a Collision

After being involved in a car crash or accident on the road, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the different things you have to coordinate. Between arranging temporary transportation and dealing with insurance negotiations, you also have to get a repair estimate in Oak Park, MI. A repair estimate is used to assess damage to your vehicle and determine the cost of necessary repairs. This information is used to ensure insurance coverage for an accident. Here are several tips that can make the process easier and faster:

  • Find a quality repair shop: For the best experience possible, make sure to find a repair shop that offers reliable service. Research various local shops online to find one that has a good track record, positive reviews from previous customers and a comprehensive range of automotive repair services. Find an automotive repair shop with experience working with insurance companies to make the estimate and claims process easier.
  • Keep insurers moving through the process: Insurance companies can be notoriously frustrating to deal with after a collision. Sometimes, this is due to the paperwork and mediation required to settle disputes between drivers and assess liability, but in many cases, insurers slow down the process intentionally to avoid or delay costs. Keep the pressure on your insurance company by following up regularly and demanding timely services in accordance with your insurance policy.
  • Be wary of low estimates: Everyone is looking for a good deal, but some deals are too good to be true. If you receive an unusually low estimate from an auto body shop after receiving higher estimates from other shops, proceed with caution. Auto body shops might give lowball estimates to bring in business, only to then ramp up costs with unexpected fees or surprise expenses later on. Choose an auto body shop that offers repair estimates at a price that’s consistent with the average cost for services in your area.
  • Don’t use the insurer’s shop without doing research: You aren’t required to use your insurer’s auto body shop, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to. Some insurance companies may use shops with low-quality parts and bad service because it costs less, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use those shops. Get quotes from reliable independent service providers and work with the insurance company to ensure all of the costs for your repairs are covered. To make sure the cost of your estimate and repairs is fully covered, it’s essential to work with a shop that has experience working with insurers.

Insurance estimate in Oak Park, MI

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