Why Do Auto Body Repairs Take So Long?

Few things are as tedious or frustrating as waiting around for auto body repairs. They can take days or weeks to complete, and you have to figure out how to get around without your vehicle in the meantime. A lot of people wonder why auto body repairs take so long, but the answer can be complicated. There are a lot of factors that affect auto body repair time in Oak Park, MI, and understanding these factors can give you a better idea of what to expect from auto body service.

Factors that affect repair timelines

Timelines for auto body repair can vary widely, and that makes it hard to know what to expect from the process. Sometimes, seemingly small repairs can take weeks to complete due to all of the complicated factors that come into play. There are a few common variables that have the biggest impact on auto body repair time in Oak Park, MI:

  • Insurance process: Insurers often drag out estimates and repairs to minimize costs and avoid payouts. Insurance companies have to sign off on repair work before auto shops can move forward with their work. The time spent awaiting approval from insurance companies can significantly add to the overall timeline for work. While it’s difficult to speed up some insurance processes, auto body shops can keep everything moving as quickly as possible by working closely with insurers. Shops with a lot of experience working with insurance companies typically offer more rapid turnaround times and speedier repairs.
  • Vehicle make and model: The make and model of the vehicle can have an impact when it comes to repair timelines. Certain vehicles are more difficult to repair than others, and parts can be difficult to find for rare models or foreign-made cars. In addition, different makes and models have different engine layouts, programming and accessibility, all of which can influence the amount of time needed to perform auto body work in Oak Park, MI.
  • Demand for repair services: Auto shops tend to become busier during the holidays, when people bring their vehicles in to be serviced before going on long trips. Accidents are also more likely during the holiday season because of adverse winter weather conditions and increased traffic on the roads. When repair services are in higher demand, wait times tend to increase. While shops often adjust staffing to compensate for rising demand during the holiday months, it’s normal to expect longer wait times during busier times of the year.

Auto body work in Oak Park, MI

At Autobahn Collision, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with lengthy auto body repair time in Oak Park, MI and we are committed to making the process as easy and straightforward as possible for you. Regardless of what make and model your vehicle is or which specific services you need, our team is here to assist you with comprehensive automotive repairs. Give us a call today to find out more about everything we have to offer and get started with an estimate.

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