Five Things You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a traumatic experience. Someone might be injured, or worse. Your vehicle might be damaged or totaled. After a crash, it’s typical for your brain to be going a mile a minute as it tries putting the pieces together of what just happened. But no matter what, you need to keep it together to avoid doing, saying or thinking the wrong things after the accident.

Of course, there are things you need to do after an auto accident—call the police, take photos, contact your insurance company, seek medical attention and contact an attorney if needed. But there are also some things you shouldn’t do. The following list includes what NOT to do after a major or minor collision in Oak Park, MI:

  • Leave: Never leave the scene of an accident you’ve been involved in. Don’t drive away, walk away on foot or call a ride share. In most places, it’s against the law to leave the scene when there’s property damage or bodily injury. This can lead to criminal charges being filed against you.
  • Admit fault: You should never admit fault to others involved, to the police or while talking to your auto insurance provider afterwards. Be honest, but avoid saying anything like, “It was my fault.” Statements admitting fault can come back to haunt you later. Insurance companies can use your words to avoid paying for damages, and should the other party file a lawsuit against you, their lawyer will absolutely use these types of statements to their advantage.
  • Get angry: A car accident can be upsetting, but don’t lose your cool. Your emotions are running high, and while this is understandable, expressing anger toward others involved won’t help the situation.
  • Forget to document the scene: In all the commotion, it’s easy to forget to document the car accident. After making sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay, your next move is to get everyone’s name, contact and insurance information, and take photographs of the scene and any damage. Also, document the time and date of the accident, weather conditions and license plate numbers. Without this documentation, it can be difficult to file an insurance claim or prove what happened in court should the other person involved file a lawsuit.
  • Fail to fully deal with the aftermath: There’s dealing with things at the time of the accident (calling the police, documenting the scene, getting everyone’s information), and handling what comes right after (filing a claim with your insurance company, figuring out where to go for car repairs)—but you mustn’t forget the steps that come afterwards. If you were injured, you need to go to the hospital. If the other person is hurt, you may be served with legal papers. Also, chances are you will need to follow up with your insurance provider a few more times.

A minor or major collision in Oak Park, MI can leave your vehicle in dire straits. From auto painting to collision repair, Autobahn Collision can do it all. Give us a call today!

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