COVID-19 Prevention: How to Disinfect Your Vehicle During the Pandemic

At the moment, the United States is gripped in an unprecedented series of circumstances. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of United States residents have been forced out of their daily routine and into their homes. As the nation awaits the passing of the novel coronavirus, we are still forced to make occasional journeys outside to get supplies.

You could be ordering curbside pickup for your groceries. You could be stopping for a pizza to grab a slice of normalcy in the middle of the pandemic. Whatever the reason that takes you out of your home, you’ll likely be heading out in your car. In a lot of ways, your vehicle is the first line of defense between you and the outbreak. That’s why it’s essential that you’re taking steps toward COVID-19 car disinfecting in Oak Park, MI.

Disinfect, don’t clean

You might think that when you scrub your car with soap and water, you’re disinfecting it. That’s not true. Though the distinctions between cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle may seem minute, they are important. Cleaning your car is important, of course, but during the COVID-19 outbreak, disinfecting your vehicle is essential.

Cleaning and disinfecting may not seem different, but the distinction is crucial. Cleaning involves using soap; disinfecting involves the use of specialized chemicals designed to remove dirt and bacteria from the surfaces of your vehicle.

Protect your car

While COVID-19 won’t cause any damage to your vehicle, the virus itself is capable of surviving on the surface of various materials for an extended period. As a result, when you return from your outings, it is possible that the novel coronavirus has found its way onto the surface of your car or truck.

When you go to the time and effort of COVID-19 vehicle cleaning prevention in Oak Park, MI, make sure your enthusiasm for ridding your vehicle of the virus doesn’t cause damage to the interior of your car or truck. In other words, when you’re choosing disinfectant materials, make sure to go with items that are right for your car or truck.

Start with high-traffic areas

If you find yourself short on time while you’re disinfecting your vehicle, then it’s crucial to prioritize the surfaces that are touched most commonly during your travels:

  • Door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Dashboard and radio buttons
  • Display screens

In general, it’s a good idea to think about the surfaces you use most and then disinfect accordingly.

The team you can trust

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