Potholes: How to Limit the Damage to Your Vehicle

There are few things quite as shocking as unexpectedly hitting a pothole while driving. Not only is the jolt of driving over a pothole alarming, it also has the potential to cause serious damage to your vehicle. While it’s possible to avoid potholes while driving, it’s impossible to completely eliminate encounters with these road hazards. With that in mind, it’s important to keep in mind a few different ways to promote pothole damage prevention in Oak Park, MI and avoid any serious complications for your car.

Why potholes are so bad for cars

A lot of drivers don’t realize how harmful potholes can be. After all, it seems like big cars and trucks should have the durability to withstand occasional dips in the road. Unfortunately, potholes can wreak havoc on vehicles and cause extensive damage that’s very costly to repair. When a car hits a pothole, the entire weight of the vehicle is suddenly dropped down where it hits the bottom of the hole. This impact puts a lot of sudden strain on tires, brakes, suspension systems and any components beneath the vehicle that hit the road after impact with the pothole.

Tips for pothole damage prevention in Oak Park, MI

Avoid the damage caused by potholes and protect your vehicle from harm by following these tips for pothole damage prevention in Oak Park, MI:

  • Drive slowly: Driving slowly is the best way to avoid potholes and minimize the damage caused by encounters with them. Reducing your speed makes it easier to identify and maneuver around potholes in time to avoid damage. Even if you can’t drive around the pothole, driving slowly will significantly reduce the severity of your impact and prevent any extensive damage to your vehicle.
  • Watch out for puddles: Puddles can obscure potholes and make it more difficult to detect hazards in the road before it’s too late. Watch for pooling water while you’re driving and navigate around puddles when possible. If you have to drive through a puddle, go slowly and use caution to keep stress and strain on your vehicle to a minimum.
  • Stay back from other drivers: Potholes can bring vehicles to a sudden stop, so it’s important to keep your distance while following drivers on roads that might have potholes. Staying back from other drivers also gives you advanced warning about potholes and makes it easier to navigate around them.
  • Keep your tires inflated: Tire inflation is crucial when it comes to the performance and safety of your vehicle. Tires that are properly inflated are far less susceptible to damage from driving through potholes, and they also reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle’s other systems and components.

Auto repairs

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