Why Is My Car Vibrating?

Whether you rely on your car for your daily commute or you only drive to get out of town on special occasions, it’s important that your vehicle is always operating as efficiently, safely and effectively as possible. Unfortunately, it’s common for cars to have problems on occasion. One of the most common concerns for drivers on the road is car vibrations. Keep reading to learn some of the reasons your car is vibrating in Oak Park, MI and what to do about this issue.

Reasons my car is vibrating in Oak Park, MI

Excessive vibrations on the road can affect your car’s maneuverability and your control on the road, so it’s important to promptly address any issues that cause vibrations. Here are a few of the most common reasons why cars vibrate and what to do about them:

  • Bent axles: One of the common reasons why cars vibrate is because of a bent or damaged axle. If your axle becomes bent after an accident or an encounter with a pothole, it will cause the entire car to shake and vibrate on the road. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic who offers vehicle diagnostics and repairs to fix the problem and prevent excessive vibrations.
  • Engine problems: Car engines are made up of lots of different components and systems that are designed to work together to ensure reliable vehicle performance. If any of these systems are damaged or suffering from diminished performance, it could cause vibrations while driving. Keeping up with routine engine maintenance, tune-ups and inspections is the best way to prevent an engine problem from causing vibrations while driving.
  • Steering system damage: If any of the parts that connect your steering wheel to your car’s wheels are damaged or worn out, it’s likely you’ll experience some steering performance problems while you’re driving, including vibrations. This issue is especially common in older vehicles. To understand the source of steering performance problems, bring your vehicle in for an inspection by a certified mechanic.
  • Worn motor mounts: Motor mounts are made primarily of metal and rubber and are designed to hold your vehicle’s engine and transmission securely in place in the frame. Over time, motor mounts start to wear out and become less effective at absorbing shocks while a car is moving down the road. Vibrations caused by worn motor mounts typically start gradually and get worse over time. A mechanic will be able to assess whether the vibrations you experience on the road are caused by worn motor mounts or not.

Professional collision repair

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