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High-Tech Automotive Gadgets You Need in 2020

The pandemic has not stopped automotive innovation! New cars include features like multi-function tailgates and crash avoidance. There is more talk of self-driving cars, too. But these are elements of old news compared to what 2020 has in store. Here are three new high-tech automotive gadgets for 2020 you will see on Oak Park, MI […]

Six COVID-19 Impacts on the Auto Repair Industry

Auto repair has not been unscathed by the current pandemic. Fortunately, COVID-19’s economic impact on the auto repair industry is not disastrous, although it has posed challenges to our business in Oak Park, MI. Our solutions will keep us afloat and available for your body and paint repair needs. Here are the six most common […]

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run

Nobody likes to be involved in an accident. Whether you’re the victim or the fault for the collision is entirely on you, being involved in a typical accident is frustrating enough. When you get into an accident, and the other party responds by simply driving off before exchanging pertinent information, however, it can be a […]

COVID-19 Prevention: How to Disinfect Your Vehicle During the Pandemic

At the moment, the United States is gripped in an unprecedented series of circumstances. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of United States residents have been forced out of their daily routine and into their homes. As the nation awaits the passing of the novel coronavirus, we are still forced to make occasional journeys […]

Potholes: How to Limit the Damage to Your Vehicle

There are few things quite as shocking as unexpectedly hitting a pothole while driving. Not only is the jolt of driving over a pothole alarming, it also has the potential to cause serious damage to your vehicle. While it’s possible to avoid potholes while driving, it’s impossible to completely eliminate encounters with these road hazards. […]